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Malindo, 2017


Urban Social Forum (USF) as a forum discussion, sharing of thoughts, practices, knowledge and as a venue for networking with various sectors to preparing a vision in creating the urban change of policy agenda, facing various challenges that will be faced by the cities and to realizing the cities with social justice, sustainable, and democratic.

PSII and Kota Kita Foundation held a discussion with the title "The Role of Media in Accelerating the Achievement of SDGs" in Semarang City. PSII seeks to gaining the information from the speakers about sustainable city development, the role of youth in achieving SDGs, and supported by the media to accelerate sustainable development and to achieve SDGs concept.

Malindo, 2018


The World Urban Forum (WUF) is an international event that organized by UN-HABITAT as an openly and inclusively forum to answer the challenges in sustainable urbanization. PSII contributed to WUF activities is a part to give the contribution ideas and solutions in responding to the challenges of achieving sustainable development city.

PSII collaborated with Ministry of Public Works and Housing are assesed  Youth Participation in the Ninth World Urban Forum in order to implementing the New Urban Agenda's event. In order to contribute in ideas on the role of youth in sustainable development city.

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