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PSII engage and invite various parties to grow together in achieving sustainable development goals in the five core sectors.


The PSII logo is a representation of two main images namely shady trees and open books.


Layered roots resembling open books demonstrate PSII is open to the knowledges and science-based ideas which become strong foundation for institutional development. The blue colour symbolizes the collaborative approach as the main approach of PSII.


A tall, shady tree with many branches means PSII grows and builds a collaboration network to achieve goals. Multiple colours branches symbolized 5 main sectors that are adapted from the Sustainable Development Goals:


  1. The urban sector is represented by light orange branches

  2. The infrastructure sector is represented by dark orange branches

  3. Climate and Environmental Sector is represented by dark green branches

  4. Natural Resources Sector is represented by light green branches

  5. Water and Sanitation is represented by light blue branches

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